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United Kingdom and Ireland

The strong ties between England and the Netherlands go way back. There are countless examples of Dutch and British companies with great working relations. The United Kingdom is an important part of European and World economy. The transport options are very favourable and the infrastructure in the United Kingdom is excellent.

Ireland is one of the European countries hit hardest by the economic crisis of 2010. Over the past 30 years Ireland has moved from an agricultural economy to a knowledge-based economy. By the end of the last century multiple multinationals took root in Ireland because of its inexpensive industrial locations. Many Irish people struggle because of the financial crisis, resulting in an increased need of emergency funds from the IMF and EU.

TCG has weekly groupage services to the United Kingdom and Ireland. In part due to the strong position of our parent company, Norbert Dentressangle, we expect a further development of our services in both countries.

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