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Our History


In October 1998 six freight forwarders join TCG (short for Transport Central Gelderland), a logistics service provider in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. TCG East & South was created as a subsidiary company from TCG. Jan Looman has played a major role in the success of TCG. As a born entrepreneur he was constantly in search of new ideas such as expanding our services to Eastern and Southern Europe. This turned out to be an overall success. Our speed of response and eagerness to search for solutions is highly valued by our customers. We also started establishing an agent network and setting up groupage services to other European destinations.

Acquisition by TDG

In 2001 TCG was acquired by TDG, an English logistics company, which at the time was actively looking for ways to expand in Europe through acquisition. The new building at the industrial estate Bijsterhuizen in Wijchen and the location on the A12 in Veenendaal proved to be selling points for TDG. To broaden our services throughout Europe, we expanded our activities to Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and Germany. The collaboration with TDG intensified further. TCG became a reliable medium sized freight forwarder. In 2010, TCG launched the freight management department to manage all transport activities of certain key accounts of TDG.

Acquisition by Norbert Dentressangle

In March of 2011 TDG was acquired by Norbert Dentressangle, an important French logistics company. Making TCG East & South part of a major player in the field of logistics. The acquisition was intended to further the expansion and professionalisation of the organisation, without losing track of our own identity.

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